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Shanghai Fine Chemical Co., Ltd is a professional surfactants company set up by China Research Institute of Daily Chemical Industry (RIDCI) based on scaling-up strategy. The company performs multiple functions including R & D, production, sales and services, focusing on the promotion of alkyl polyglucosides (APG) series as nonionic surfactants, alkylpolyethoxy carboxylates (AEC) as anionic surfactants, imidazoline series as amphoteric and other green surfactants. Capable of an annual output of 15,000 tons of APG ,1000 tons of AEC and 2,000 tons of imidazoline, the company was awarded the honor of high-tech enterprise of Shanghai in 2008, and was granted certifications to ISO9001: 2008 for quality, ISO14001: 2004 for environmental, occupational health and safety management system.

We summarize our corporate culture as "commitment, integrity, service, and teamwork". We pursue the principles of people-orientation, honesty and trust, and innovative development. We not only take advantage of the strength in technology, inspection, information, and other areas of RIDCI, but also insist on operating guidelines of "quality first, service first". We sincerely look forward to working with fellow professionals in the industry and seeking common development.

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